Denis Freynet Honoured with the 2023 Early Achievement Award

13 July, 2023 | Actionmarguerite, Profiles

In his role as Chief Operating Officer and Financial Officer at Actionmarguerite, Denis Freynet is a part of almost every aspect of the operation of the organisation’s three long-term care sites and assisted living properties. He’s also been a valued volunteer for other Réseau Compassion Network members, giving his time and sharing his gifts to the benefit of so many. In recognition of his efforts, he recently received the 2023 Early Achievement Award from Chartered Professional Accountants Manitoba.

A heart-felt congratulations to Denis on behalf of Réseau Compassion Network!

Below is the write-up shared during the award ceremony:

Throughout his decade-long career, Denis’s unique blend of technical accounting skills and sharp business acumen has brought tremendous growth and prosperity to the organizations he has been a part of. After joining PwC Canada as a Senior Associate, Denis was recruited by Shelter Canadian Properties Limited, then Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA), and is now Chief Operating and Finance Officer with Actionmarguerite. His choice to join this leading non-profit health services organization stemmed from a personal desire to pay homage to his family’s legacy as Franco-Manitobans.

In his role, Denis is accountable for the annual operating budget, financial statements, management of capital projects and plans, strategic planning, personnel management, and serves as a liaison with the WRHA and Réseau Compassion Network. Among a multitude of accomplishments, perhaps his greatest achievement was guiding Actionmarguerite through the COVID-19 pandemic. With his leadership efforts, Denis helped shape and improve the future of the organization, which included implementing processes that have since been leveraged across the Manitoba Association of Residential & Community Care Homes for the Elderly (MARCHE) Network and the WRHA.

As a mentor in the profession, Denis spent two years supporting and guiding a candidate through the CPA program. He has also been a dynamic member of the community, volunteering on the board of several organizations including Abri Marguerite, Sara Riel, and Centre Flavie, where his evaluation of their facility options at the very beginning of 2019 culminated in a brand new facility in 2022. Noteworthy in his volunteer efforts is his involvement with St. Boniface Hospital, one of Manitoba’s largest health care facilities, where he has been a strong source of support and member of the Audit & Finance Committee during a time of significant upheaval in the health care system.

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