Together for the Community

We are responsible for a family of 15 health and human service agencies.

Every day, more than 7,000 people of all faiths, traditions and cultures make a difference in the lives of those who walk through our doors in their time of need.

These distinct health care, social and human service agencies (and their foundations) represent a network of organizations working across a continuum of care.

Together, our services are delivered in five main areas of care:

1. Primary, Community and Mental Health Care
2. Acute Care
3. Long-term Care
4. Comprehensive Services to People Living with Developmental Disabilities
5. Housing and Social Services


We have been entrusted by pioneering women to empower people and to generate community solutions that help to prevent and alleviate suffering, in areas where the needs are the greatest.

Our Promise to our Communities:

• We accompany people and offer help and hope
• We provide a welcoming and understanding environment
• We, and our network of organizations, are part of a community of shared values
• We have compassion for each individual’s needs
• We are committed to providing excellence in our work and our programs

Our Commitment to the Francophone Community:

Réseau Compassion Network is proud to be a signatory to the Ottawa Declaration, which includes 13 major principles, six values and seven commitments that serve to inspire health and social service institutions to prioritize their actions in order to improve the offer of services and programs serving the French-speaking population. Twelve of our member organizations are designated bilingual or offer services in both official languages.

To learn more about the Ottawa Declaration, please click here.

To view Réseau Compassion Network’s signed commitment, click here.