Responding to Unmet Needs

At Réseau Compassion Network, our roots in the community run very deep.

Today, Réseau Compassion Network provides social services and health care in the province of Manitoba. With a spirit of love, we bring people together who are inspired to serve Manitobans where the needs are the greatest.

We are responsible for a family of health, social, and human services agencies that adhere to a core vision, and that are focused on responding to specific needs in the community.

Working together, our network makes space to see and know each person we care for, we shine a light on the good in our communities, which in turn nurtures hidden potential in everyone.

In addition to the work done by our network members, we also respond to other pressing needs through our own projects and initiatives, and through the provision of important program support.

Moving forward, Réseau Compassion Network is focused on providing meaningful outcomes for people in Manitoba facing barriers related to the four factors of complex poverty: employment and income, holistic wellbeing, social exclusion, and housing. To that end, we are focusing our future on developing initiatives in the following key areas:

  1. Elderly care
  2. Supportive and affordable housing
  3. Mental health and addiction
  4. Meaningful connections
  5. New immigrants
  6. Women experiencing various forms of violence
Caregiver and Boy and Wheelchair

Réseau Compassion Network, and its network organizations, are proud to be part of the community in which we work. We believe we can have a meaningful impact in people’s lives.

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