Daniel Omolola: When Values Align

28 October, 2022 | Profiles

Daniel Omolola has found the sweet spot: a career that aligns deeply with his personal values. “My driving force is that we can always do better,” he explains. “We can all contribute something positive to the world. Sometimes we think we have to be this type of person or that type of person to make a change. But it’s about being human and taking care of yourself. If we all do that, the world will get better, this much I know.”

Omolola is currently the Team Lead for Ellice Place Supportive Housing, a program run by Sara Riel. This isn’t his first role with the organisation; during his 11 years with Sara Riel, he’s been an employment support counsellor, a mental health counsellor and an employment specialist. “When this Team Lead opportunity came up, I thought It was time to try something different,” Omolola explains. “The role I’ve carved for myself is to support the staff who support the residents. I still work with participants, but I work with staff to equip, train and lead them. It’s my job to be a cheerleader for my team. As time goes on, we keep engaging participants to become better, that’s the goal we’re all working towards.”

Omolola’s personal life mirrors his career; he’s invested in his own growth and success, as well as those is his community. He’s a member of the clergy, the founder of a non-profit organisation that focuses on personal development, a husband and a father. He also loves team sports, but has settled for watching soccer instead of playing, considering all the other goals he’s set for himself. “We have to prioritize!” he says with a laugh and a shrug.

For someone so focused on values and personal growth, a workplace that allows him to be authentic is vital. “The organization Sara Riel is always growing, trying to innovate and trying to being on the cutting edge,” Omolola shares. “Our philosophy is to be the most valuable partner for everyone who walks through our doors. We’re always growing, expanding and doing better. We want to challenge the status quo. The way our leadership works is to my tastes. It aligns with my personal philosophy.”

Daniel Omolola

One of the aspects of working at Sara Riel that he truly values is that the same welcoming approach is taken with participants and staff. “You want your employees to thrive,” he continues. “Employees need dignity and respect, as well. We all want to work with people who care not only about what you can do but you as a whole person. Here, there’s flexibility to help you achieve your dreams.”

When asked what the public should know about Sara Riel and its services, Omolola is quick to answer. “It’s important to know that so many people are struggling and they don’t know where to go,” he responds. “At Sara Riel, we can be the best partner for families, individuals and organisations who don’t know how to support employees or friends. We want to give them the quality of support they need to thrive. We’re always available to talk and we do our best to support people.”

For Omolola, the work comes easily when the goals are this important. “Our population keeps me motivated. Helping people do well and get better is a powerful, powerful thing to do. It’s a privilege for us to be here and do this.”