Building Relationships with Community Leaders

30 November, 2023 | Initiatives and Projects

The CEO of Réseau Compassion Network, Daniel Lussier, had the chance to meet with several political leaders in the month of November. These relationships are important for us as we continue to work, along with our network members, towards responding to unmet needs in the community.

First up was a meeting with the MLA for St. Boniface, Robert Loiselle. “I’m really pleased with his interest in our community and his obvious desire to make a difference here,” shares Lussier. “He understands the needs of St. Boniface, he knows it well and he has a big heart. I can see that he really wants to work with everyone to make positive changes, and we certainly want to support him in that where we can.”

Later in November, Lussier was able to sit down with Mayor Scott Gillingham, Arlene Wilgosh, board chair of Réseau Compassion Network, and Jarred Baker, Senior Advisor on Homelessness for the City of Winnipeg. “We were able to connect on the important issue of homelessness in Winnipeg,” shares Lussier. “We don’t profess to be the experts on the topic, but we’ve become more and more involved as we’ve called to do so by our partners and our network organisations. We care, we’re paying attention, and we want to help make a difference.”

The conversation centred around how and where Réseau Compassion Network might be able to make an impact, what relationships can be built, and how best to support the work the city is aiming to do in regards of addressing homelessness issues. “I sense a strong alignment between the municipal and provincial governments that I hope will spark ideas, momentum, and action,” Lussier says.

Speaking of the provincial government, Lussier was also able to attend the Deputy Ministers Annual Dinner, hosted by the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce. “It was a great opportunity to meet with the deputy ministers in a more casual setting,” he shares. “It’s a chance to begin to understand their work and helps us to be in alignment with the priorities of the new government. We’re building relationships and getting to know each other so that when it’s time to sit down around a table and work together, we’ll have a great foundation.”

The three departments who are most involved with the work of Réseau Compassion Network were represented: Families; Health, Seniors and Long-Term Care; and Housing, Addictions and Homelessness.