2023 Inspiration Grant Recipients Announced

31 July, 2023 | Initiatives and Projects

Once again, $150,000 in grants have been awarded to help make the bold and innovative ideas brought forward by frontline staff a reality. Across our network, employees dreamed of new ways to respond to unmet needs in our communities and submitted an application that was vetted by a team of staff and volunteers.

Below is a list of the recipients for 2023; an incredible group of people have brought forward these new initiatives:

Inspiration Grants | up to $50,000 for new programs

Pediatric Sensory Feeding Program at St.Amant

Many children with autism struggle to eat properly due to a variety of factors such as strong dislike of flavours or textures and other sensory issues. With a waitlist of 60 families at St.Amant and very few other supports available in the province, this funding will clear the backlog in under a year and decrease the chances of malnutrition among these children, while creating a calmer mealtime experience for families.

Path to Wellness at Sara Riel

Sara Riel believes that physical wellness goes hand in hand with mental, spiritual and emotional wellness. As they renovate their basement space at 66 Moore Avenue, they’ve envisioned a gym space that will be available free of charge to Sara Riel clients and staff. Overcoming financial barriers, creating an inclusive environment, and providing a healthy outlet for everyone involved with Sara Riel is sure to reap benefits for all.

Green Inspiration Grants | up to $50,000 to support projects that care for our common home, the Earth

Walking Nature Path at Winnipegosis & District Health Centre

The Health Centre is home to a long-term care facility that dozens of seniors call home. This new path will allow residents and staff to safely spend time in nature along a path designed for wheelchairs and mobility aids. The path will meander near a river, green spaces and religious monuments, which will allow spiritual, physical, emotional and mental wellness to flourish.

Restoring Connections at Huddle South Centre

Land-based healing is among the top requests from youth at Huddle South Central, in St.Boniface. They long to connect with the land, their culture and themselves. This program will cover the costs of transportation, activities and honorariums for elders and knowledge keepers. The youth who attend Huddle have designed the activities they’d like to see, and organisers hope this will create stronger trust and connection between staff and youth alike.

Community Composting at St.Amant

This program will equip each St.Amant Community Residential Program home with the tools and training to actively participate in composting. The key component in this project is the educational aspect that will help staff and residents understand best practices and begin their composting journey. This grant also covers the cost of compost pick-up for 49 homes across Winnipeg.


Congratulations to all those selected! The ideas and passion of the staff in the network are always a sight to behold. We wish each project much success!